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Eleventh Biennial Iranian Studies Conference

Click on the photo for the full program The piece entitled ‘ Women versus Cities: the Masculinity of Urban Space in Traditionaland and Modern Iran ’   was presented in the  Iranian Studies Conference   held at University of Vienna, 4 August 2016. ABSTRACT It is not long time ago since the introvert male-dominated society, kept its treasure; the goddess of Matbakh 1 behind closed doors of Andarouni 2 . Despite some focal points of effective appearance of Iranian women in urban societies in the late 19 th century (such as Tobacco Protest in 1891), until the early 20th century, the relations of Iranian woman and urban/public space was predominantly restricted to a veiled presence in the mosques, mourning rites and funeral ceremonies, depicting a sorrowful picture of her in the urban society. Rarely seen in the bazaar, possibly the public bath has been the only social platform, in which women could feel freer to interact, to talk and to meet within the only feminine p