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Guardian Cities Goes Tehran!

Photograph: Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images Architecture and design critic, Oliver Wainwright writes on Tehran for  Guardian Cities  series ‘ The Next 15 Megacities ’. Having been interviewed for his piece, I discuss here a number of critical issues facing the car-centric city; from inane creation of megastructures such as Sadr Expressway, to the implementation of the disastrous Garden-Tower (burj-bāgh) act within the past decade, to the totally-wrong approach of the capital towards its most juvenile Region: 22.  Read the full article here .

The Wrong City in the Making; the Case of Tehran's District 22

Photographs used for this image production taken by Mohsen Ataei (April 2018), and Razieh Rahnama (April 2019) My talk on Tehran's District 22 urban fiasco delivered as part of the panel 'City and Urban Visuality' in  Symposia Iranica's Fourth Biennial Iranian Studies Conference , Divinity Theatre, University of St Andrews, 14 April 2019.  Synopsis On August 30th, 2000, Tehran gave birth to her last offspring, District 22. Spreading over northwest Tehran, it was largely a carte blanche , aimed to be an exemplary model for sustainable development; a beacon of urban planning for the capital. Two decades in the making, the urban scene of District 22 is, arguably, a failure of city design; a mishmash of fruitless, desolated, dispersed satellite towns, centered upon an ill-conceived artificial lake veneer. It is literally a reproduction of Pruitt–Igoe in a massive scale, half a century after its demolition. (Re)reading Peter Hall’s Cities of Tomorrow, and Hen

Underline: The Abadan Issue (Persian Edition)

© Amin Aghaei Underline: The Abadan Issue (Persian Edition) The followings are my translation works published in the Persian edition of Underline's 4th issue (The Abadan Issue): Abadan A to Z: Excerpts from Encyclopaedia Abadanica by   Rasmus Christian Elling Reminders Among the Ruins  by   Iante Roach Withholding Patterns by Yusef Sayed Indian Camera, Iranian Heart by Ranjita Ganesan A Theatre Accessible to All by James Tyson منتشرشده در مجله آندرلاین - شماره ویژه آبادان - پاییز 1397 برگردان: احمدرضا حکیمی‌نژاد آبادان‌نامه؛ گزیده‌ای از دائرةالمعارف آبادانیکا | راسموس کریستین الینگ. ص 5 یادگارهایی در میان ویرانه‌ها | یانته روچ. ص 51 اختفای نقش‌ها | یوسف سعید. ص 57  تئاتری برای همگان | جیمز تایسن. ص 81 دوربین هندی، قلب ایرانی | رنجیتا گانیشان. ص 95