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'Behind the Veil' by Alice Bucknell (Farsi Edition)

Artist and writer  Alice Bucknell  wrote The Architectural Review September issue's Thinkpiece: Behind the Veil , in which she has looked into the essence of Tehran's emerging, attention-grabbing residential facades which predominantly desired Western's architecture and design magazines such as ArchDaily, Dezeen and beyond. In fact, I had a chance to have a say in it while she interviewed me for the piece. Following its publication in the AR, I translated the article (into Farsi) at the request of the British Council's  Underline Magazine  for its Autumn Issue . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   پشت نقاب تهران نویسنده: آلیس باکنل برگردان: احمدرضا حکیمی‌نژاد ، سپتامبر 2017 The Architectural Review  منتشرشده در مجله ترجمه فارسی در مجله آندرلاین (شماره اول، پاییز 1396، ص.61-69) منتشر شده است.   نمایی از تهران، عکس: مهسا اعلمی فریمان چهره تهران دستخوش تغییر است، هم

"Good Architecture" for Iran!

Good Architecture Logo, Courtesy of Published on ISIA website The Institute for Strategic Studies in Iranian Architecture  (ISIA), headquartered in Tehran, Iran, has recently launched a long-term research project entitled:  Good Architecture  (GA). As claimed by the institute, GA is a collective, interactive and collaborative style of research which tends to build a bridge between architecture and its immediate users: the people. As part of its agenda, it aims to approach prominent scholars and practitioners in the world of architecture, planning and design to collect their insights and intellectual thoughts on defining characteristics of a responsive architecture specifically in the context of Iranian cities. This is, perhaps, to depict an intellectual perspective of what a 'good' piece of 'architecture' is meant to be. To cut a long story short, I was contacted by the GA research director,  Navid Ganji  - who is also the founder and CEO