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'Behind the Veil' by Alice Bucknell (Farsi Edition)

Artist and writer  Alice Bucknell  wrote The Architectural Review September issue's Thinkpiece: Behind the Veil , in which she has looked into the essence of Tehran's emerging, attention-grabbing residential facades which predominantly desired Western's architecture and design magazines such as ArchDaily, Dezeen and beyond. In fact, I had a chance to have a say in it while she interviewed me for the piece. Following its publication in the AR, I translated the article (into Farsi) at the request of the British Council's  Underline Magazine  for its Autumn Issue . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   پشت نقاب تهران نویسنده: آلیس باکنل برگردان: احمدرضا حکیمی‌نژاد ، سپتامبر 2017 The Architectural Review  منتشرشده در مجله ترجمه فارسی در مجله آندرلاین (شماره اول، پاییز 1396، ص.61-69) منتشر شده است.   نمایی از تهران، عکس: مهسا اعلمی فریمان چهره تهران دستخوش تغییر است، هم